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How to find the best property management company

System - Sunday, July 16, 2017
Property Management Blog

Ready to hire someone to manage and lease your property? Finding the best manager for your properties can be quite an overwhelming task. These six tips will help you find the right management company.

Ask a friend

You wouldn’t necessarily buy the first property you view and hiring a property management company is the same. Typically, word of mouth is a good starting point. Request referrals from your network and ask questions such as:

  • Are they happy with their property management company?
  • What problems have they encountered?
  • Are they engaged or addressing your concerns?

Next, keep asking. Everyone may have a differing opinion on a company they use. Therefore, it is imperative to get a vast collection of referrals so you can make the best judgment for the property at hand.

Go Google

Nowadays practically anything can be found online. Use this to your advantage. Search Google and other websites such as Facebook or Yelp for reviews. Usually, if an individual is particularly pleased with a company, they will be more inclined to write a review about it.

Set up an interview

Just like any other important decision, it never hurts to interview and meet the company in person. The way they present themselves upon meeting can tell you a lot about who they are as a brand right off the bat. See which company would be a good fit for your needs.

Check for proper accreditations

This one is rather simple, but ensure that your property manager or management company all possess the correct licenses or certifications.

Sign and be thorough

Now you’ve chosen the company you’re going to let manage your property. Congrats! But before official authority is given, examine the contract and terms of agreement. Make sure everything is clear and that there are no vague rules or instructions.


Century 21 Triangle Group has an excellent property management team with an extensive portfolio of clients. Contact us today to see how we could help manage your properties.