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The WHYs and HOWs of owning commercial real estate

System - Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Property Management Blog

“Here’s an article that’s worth a read for anyone in the commercial real estate or property management business: 7 Steps to Owning Your Own Commercial Real Estate.

We love that Step #1 is all about the WHYs and HOWs. Understanding your motivation and getting clear on your goals are certainly the first phase in a successful real estate investment.

At Century 21 Triangle Group, our clients invest for any number of reasons. Some are residential and commercial landlords, and some are full-time commercial real estate investors. Still, others are business owners who want to buy or lease a property to operate their business. We always enjoy the opportunities we have to help our clients think through the WHYs and HOWs of their real estate activities. Strategic thinking is one of the things we do best, and it ensures a fruitful outcome.

Of course, we also love the article’s Step #4: Find the experts you’ll need.

Century 21 has tremendous resources to help investors with every aspect of investing – from goal setting to locating or listing a property to negotiating deals and managing rental properties long-term.

If you’re considering making a commercial real estate investment, we’d love to talk with you and share our expertise. Our CRE agents and professional property managers know the important questions to ask and the steps to take along the way to avoid pitfalls. Even seasoned investors can benefit from our knowledge and experience.